Coming In 2020

The Reparations Education Project (REP) was founded by Tony Caldwell, LCSW and will provide scholarships for students of color seeking a Masters degree in Social Work at HBCUs as well as free and reduced LCSW clinical supervision for recipients.

The goals of the Reparations Education Project are:

1. To acknowledge the legitimacy and appropriateness of reparations and to make strides towards providing these to the extent possible. 

2. To help the nation move towards equal representation in the mental health field. 

3. To offset the costs of graduate school.

4. To offset and/or eliminate costly clinical supervision. 

5. To help increase the number of clinicians of color available to consumers of mental health services. 

6. To honor individuals whose work has contributed significantly to the healing of communities with named scholarships. 

7. To support students attending MSW programs at HBCUs. 


The Dr. Debra Moore Award For Community Healing

The Dr. Jandel Crutchfield Award For Academic Achievement

The Dr. Johnoson Crutchfield Award for Healing Though Education 

The Shaun King Award for Community Organizing 

The Rev. Laura Gillom Award for Justice and Ministry 

The Linda Witherspoon Award for Child Development 

The Effie Burt Award For Justice and the Arts